20 Practical Ways to Use Coca Cola! A Proof That You Shouldn’t...

20 Practical Ways to Use Coca Cola! A Proof That You Shouldn’t Consume It Ever Again

Coca Cola

The right description for this popular drink is refreshing but extremely dangerous. Coca-Cola might be sweet but researchers recommend you stop drinking it.

On one hand, many studies have proven that it’s detrimental for your health. It causes wide range of health problems you can only imagine.

But, on the other hand, Coca-Cola can be useful if used around your home. That’s right. You can use this popular drink to clean all sorts of things around your house.

Its high acidity makes it a great household cleaning product. So, once you try it you’ll never buy another cleaning product again. That’s how efficient it is when it comes to cleaning.

As a matter of fact, its pH value is 2.5, and that of battery acid – 1. Compare with that of pure water which is 7.

It turns out that Coca-Cola has acidity almost as powerful as a battery acid. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it can destroy your teeth.

Here are 20 useful ways to use Coca-Cola around your home.

20 Ways to Use Coca-Cola in Your Household

  1. It helps clean grease from fabrics
  2. Use it to get rid of snails and slugs
  3. It’s a great cleaning agent for descalling kettles
  4. Coca-Cola can even remove blood stains from fabric
  5. Also, it can clean engines
  6. Cleans grout between floor tiles. Just pour some of it, let it act for a few minutes, and wipe with a cloth or paper towels.
  7. Helps remove gum from hair soaked in Coca-Cola for two minutes.
  8. It helps clean battery terminals
  9. Make your pennies shine by soaking them in some Coca-Cola
  10. Pour some Coca-Cola in your toilet; let it act for a few minutes, and flush. Your toilet will be as good as new.
  11. It helps remove oil stains so you can use it in your garage
  12. Moreover, it cleans hair dyes
  13. It helps clean rust stains from pools. Just pour two liters of the drink in your pool and leave it for a few minutes.
  14. Use aluminum foil and Coca-Cola to polish your chrome
  15. Some Coca-Cola will dissolve all the dirt and grease in your burnt pans
  16. Use Coca-Cola and a sponge to remove rust or rusty bolts
  17. You can clean china cups and plates with the help of Coca-Cola.
  18. Clean paint stains on metal furniture using some Coca-cola and a towel.
  19. It helps clean marker stains on carpets. Just pour some and scrub it off.
  20. A bit slightly off the topic, but this drink can dissolve teeth!

Drinking Soft Beverages Makes You Prone to Illnesses and Diseases

The journal Respirology published a study which says soft drinks cause asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and other lung and breathing disorders.

So, if you’re a fan of Coca-Cola and consume it every day, your risk of stroke and heart attack is by 48% higher than those who avoid it.

Carbonation Makes Your Bones Soft and Weak

As you can see, Coca-Cola is an all-purpose, effective household cleaner.

Even though it’s great for cleaning, it’s not something you’d like inside your stomach.

Try replacing it with a healthier alternative, like homemade juices or lemon water.