An Absolute Godsend for People – An Antibiotic, Blood Cleanser, Anti-Oxidant, and...

An Absolute Godsend for People – An Antibiotic, Blood Cleanser, Anti-Oxidant, and Cholesterol Destroyer…

Blood Cleanser

Choosing a natural treatment before taking any prescription drug is always a good idea. People use all types of herbs to help treat all sorts of health problems.

One such incredibly healing herb is the ancient Basil. The first written document about this herb dates back in 2,000 B.C.

This highly aromatic herb has 60 varieties, each different in appearance and taste.

Basil was used from ancient Greek, Egyptians, Romans, and Indian people. They all used it to treat asthma, diabetes, kidney stones, impotence, allergies, infertility, ect.

Potent Anti-Oxidant

Basil provides potent anti-oxidative effects. Its strong antioxidants should be part of your everyday diet since they prevent from free radical damage – one of the main causes of cancer development.

Beta-carotene is one of these antioxidants. Once in your body, this antioxidant is transformed into vitamin A.

Vitamin A, in turn, protects your blood vessels from cholesterol oxidation. Moreover, beta-carotene helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and asthma – problems which resulted from free radical damage.

Excellent for The Heart and Blood Vessels

This herb is packed with magnesium and vitamin B6, meaning it’s excellent for protecting against toxic homocysteines buildup in the body.

What’s more magnesium supports heart health and reduces the risk of arrhythmia and heart attacks. It helps relax the blood vessels and muscles, thus improving the blood circulation.

Natural Antibiotic

Research has proven basil oil improves the immune system. Thanks to the strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties of basil leaves, you can use it to treat bacterial infections.

Basil in the Kitchen

Thanks to its unique flavor, basil is used in many cuisines throughout the world. Always add it at the end of the cooking to preserve its flavor.

Choose fresh basil whenever possible. You can use it to prepare Pesto Genovese sauce with parmesan.

Also, chop some garlic and fresh basil leaves and add some olive oil to make a delicious sauce to spice up bruschetta, pasta, and other similar dishes.

Another option to use basil is to make a lovely icy desert. Chop it up and combine it with water, lemon juice, and sugar cane juice.

Pour the mixture in your ice cube tray and freeze. When the cubes are frozen, blend them using a blender and serve the ice dessert in a Mediterranean style.

Last but not least, use fresh basil with tomatoes and mozzarella to make a colorful Italian salad. Also, prepare a basil tea by soaking some fresh chopped leaves in hot water for 8 minutes. Strain and drink.