Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and...

Add 1 TBSP of THIS to the Stem of Your Plants and Watch What Happens!


Cinnamon is always well known for delicious and nutritious ingredients. It is used mostly for skin treatment and as a flavor addition in the kitchen. Are you aware that this medicinal cinnamon is actually beneficial for plants too? Yes, it is true.

Plants can get enormous benefits from cinnamon. It is good for both outdoor and indoor plants. A small addition of cinnamon boosts the healthy growth of plants. Here is a list of six ways you can use cinnamon in your garden:-

  1. Seedlings

It is a big step when little seedlings turn to a small plant. The rupturing of the cover of the seed to get the mold of the plant out is a drastic moment. It is similar to the moment when sea turtles break their little shells and climb to the harsh surface to run to the ocean for shelter.

When you dump off the seed in the soil there are many things which act as an obstacle for the growth of seed and can lead to its demise. The seedlings often got attacked by diseases, a fungus which restricts their growth. Many times birds attack the seeds and take it off from the soil. Cinnamon act as an anti-fungal agent and protect the seedlings from infection. It helps the seed to flourish in the new environment.

  1. Wild Mushrooms

If you want to clean up wild mushrooms from your garden then cinnamon is definitely a good option. You just have to dust a little cinnamon on the wild mushrooms and watch them disappear in no time.

  1. Rooting Hormone

You might get many roots strengthing products for plants in the market. But don’t add them as they are full of chemicals. The addition of cinnamon to the stem when you cut the plant is the best way to stimulate the rooting hormone in plants for root growth.

  1. Ant Deterrent

This is indeed a pest control tip. Ants hate cinnamon and thus they just run away from it. Just sprinkle some cinnamon in your garden which will help you to keep the ants away and it is a natural way to kill ants. Keep your garden free from fleeing and ants using cinnamon.

  1. Plant Wounds

Just like our open wound is prone to infection and dust, plants too can get the infection through cutting or wound part. Just put some cinnamon on the wound of your plant which will protect it from infection and promote the healing process.

  1. For House Plants

The indoor plants often get affected with mildew and mold. Here cinnamon is very effective to avoid mold and mildew in the plants. You just have to mix 2 tsp of cinnamon in the soil or get sprinkle it on the soil to ensure that your plants flourish properly. You can get rid of gnats in seedlings of houseplants.

With all above benefits of cinnamon, it is clear that you can replace with the disinfectant and chemicals you are using to protect your plants and help them grow well. It is an affordable and natural way to keep the plants healthy. Flourish your garden plants using cinnamon using given easy steps.