These Popular Chips are FILLED With a Deadly Monsanto Herbicide!

These Popular Chips are FILLED With a Deadly Monsanto Herbicide!


Ah, Lay’s brand chips.

So light. So crispy. They practically melt on your tongue. They’ve got just the right amount of salt to make your taste buds go *pop!*

They’re also potentially deadly.

Texas-based Frito-Lay corporation , which happens to be .

, their Lay’s brand is the number one snack food brand in the world, which is a bit scary in light of the following news.

that 100% of the Lay’s chips tested were full of a toxic pesticide. And unlike the stuff you probably think of when you hear the word “pesticide,” this stuff is scary in that it can’t be washed off the produce — it literally embeds itself inside every cell of the plants used in production.

 was one of the chemicals found on Sun Chips, another Lay’s product. A significant link has been found by  between occupational exposure to glyphosate and lymphoma.

“The quantitative PCR test verified, by DNA analysis, that 100% of the corn in the SunChips was GMO, containing DNA sequences known to be present in insecticide-producing Bt and Roundup Ready corn. The test documented the presence of glyphosate in SunChips at a level of 0.14 ppm, or 0.14 mg/kg.”

The crazy thing is that most of us probably think of SunChips as a healthy snack option. , making use of phrases like “whole grain” and including pictures of fresh veggies on the bag.

Truth be told, even if it wasn’t for the cancer-causing pesticide in SunChips, they’re still not the sort of thing you’d want to eat as a daily snack, especially not for your kids.

They’re some of the healthiest chips out there but that’s not exactly an impressive feat,  They still have 140 calories, 6 grams of fat and 120mg of sodium in a single ounce serving.

And that’s not to mention the great lengths PepsiCo has gone to in the way of ensuring consumers are kept in the dark regarding their GMO usage.

sheds light on the fact that the company has spent over $8.1 million to defeat citizen ballot initiatives across the country aimed at pushing them to disclose their GMO practices.

Now we know what they’re trying to hide. But I wonder what else is in the details?

You can contact the Frito-Lay subsidiary of PepsiCo directly here:

Phone: 800-352-4477

While you’re at it, check out  to learn about truly healthy snacks you can buy for your family.

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